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Easyuo Simple Mining

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 · I am making a mining script for In Por Ylem shard i can easily make one for an OSI shard but it doesn't work for the free shard and i really cant figure it out so

Cant seem to get my mining macro to workEasyUO

 · Slanter, when I try to click on your link for the MAP files I just get taken to a blank page any suggestions? My mining scripts are broken, and I am definitely

Mining Script

 · Hey . First Sry for my English i cant speak it good. But i hope you understand what i write. Is in this Forum a Mining Script that drop the

GitHubNeroptik/neroptik-mining EasyUO Mining script

neroptik-miningEasyUO Mining script The vote is over, but the fight for net neutrality isn’t. Show your support for a free and open internet.


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in Re Simple quester for H on Octo, 07 57 42 AM. Crafting. Crafting related scripts. 1762 Posts Official ScriptUO EasyUO Scripts » Script Library

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 · I don't believe so in it's current form, but it'd be a fairly simple add. Many of us are working towards building code in the LUA formats now, though, so while you'll

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Easyuo is capable of doing allmost anything Mining automatically and recalling to a forge to melt them, then recalling to your bank to drop them off.

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 · This script works for me, and actually, it's the first one I've tried that does actually work for me. Though, since I'm on a freeshard, I hope you don't mind if I end EasyUO • View topicEasyUO • View topic

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 · Problem since last patchafter easyuo gets updated this script recalls to first mining spot doesnt attempt to mine at all, then recalls home and attempts to empty

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setuotitle Mining Circle set %X #charposx but its simple. To find item type you have to use easyuo's functions.

Easy UO Script MiningUpdated!

 · Easy UO Script Mining I opened the client using easyuo, It's probably something simple, but I can't work it out, nonetheless.

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Template Infobox software. EasyUO is a software project originally dedicated to automating the official Ultima Online game client, allowing users to write scripts

EasyUO users can you break this? Page 3RunUO

 · EasyUO users can you break this? why do players macro mining? if you take away the simple and widely used cheat tools,


Mining. Mining allows a character to remove ore from a cave or mountainside and smelt it into ingots which may then be used to forge weapons, armor and tinkered tools.

Macro EasyUO Mining. (PreferenciasUltima BR

Macro EasyUO Mining. (Preferencias Minas com Bank.) Marcadores mining-mina-minoc Nome do Script Mining Bank Criado por Dark Spirit ou GM Joni

EUO mining scriptCataclysm UO

 · I am sure most people have this already, but for those who don't, here is a fairly simple to edit EasyUO script for Cataclysmuo for Mining

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EasyUO Mining. a guest Dec 3rd, 2010 429 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! raw download clone embed report print Bash 3.00

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 · Ok Well I don't know if anyone will find this helpful but I decided to add a much more detailed mining counter to the script I am running. I got a lot of help from

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 · I want to get a taste of sweet botting action so I headed over to EasyUO grabbed a couple of mining scripts. My problem is I